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Scottie & Son Car Care Tip of the Month

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is busy enough without worrying about how to find great gifts, especially if you’re shopping for that special person who “has everything,” need gifts for the car people in your life, or want helpful gifts for keeping loved ones safe. Sometimes, the best gifts you can give is to save someone time and money on things they truly need. This is especially true when they keep our loved ones safe or provide them with ways to extend the life and value of their car.

Oil Changes
Oil changes are a great way to please anyone who has a car! Every vehicle needs regular oil changes several times a year. Save the DIYer on your list the mess and hassle or make it easy for the work commuter to get this necessary service. Your gift recipient can relax while we do all the work to keep their car running smoothly.

Inspection & Tune-up
As the cold sets in, we need our vehicles to be in top running order more than any other time of year. Having a professional look over the entire car and replace necessary parts will give your loved one peace of mind and keep them safely on the road. Making sure the brakes are in good condition, windshield wiper blades are doing their job, and the battery is in condition to start the car in extreme temperatures are sure ways to show you care!

New Tires
Tires may not be the most exciting gift on earth, but they will take you safely to all of your favorite exciting places. A set of high-quality tires is a gift that will last for a very long time and save the recipient a lot of stress! While it is on the pricier side of the gift-giving spectrum, you won’t feel an ounce of regret when you see the big smile on the face of your friend or family member.

Other Car Care Gifts
• Brake repair
• Radiator flush
• Tow hitch installation
• New windshield wipers
• New headlights

We hope this list has given you excellent gift ideas. And don’t forget, if you’re getting ready for a holiday road trip you might want one of these car care services as a gift for yourself!

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See Scottie & Son Auto Center for all your auto repairs.

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