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Scottie & Son Car Care Tip of the Month

Funny Driving Laws!

If you're planning a road trip, you might enjoy learning about funny laws you must obey:
MN - Illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head!
WI - There is a $10 fine for camping on public highway!
ND - Putting a penny in automatic parking ticket machine is a crime!
IA - Illegal to throw your Red Ryder onto the highway!
MO - Illegal to honk the horn of someone else’s car!
CO - No driving black car on Sunday!
ID - Can’t drive motorcycle if over age of 88.
CA - Illegal to jump from car at 65 mph.
AZ - No reverse driving.
UT - Illegal to throw items that are on fire from moving vehicle!

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Scottie & Son is "The Team You Can Trust" for all your mechanical and body repairs! We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to keep your vehicle running and looking great, as well as the ability to fix it fast when something goes wrong.

Scottie & Son Auto Center provides:
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• Oil Changes • Extended Warranties • Custom Paint
• Brakes • Loaner Vehicles • Windshields

Loaner Cars Available! We know how difficult it is when your car is down for repairs. So we offer the convenience of a loaner car, shuttle service, and before and after-hours pickup/drop off.

Located conveniently off Highway 95 just west of Cambridge, we get it done right!

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